T-shirts today are common place for events and destinations. If you’d like to make those momentos into a lasting keepsake, a t-shirt quilt is the way to go! Only have a few t-shirts? I can turn them into throw pillows! These also pair very nicely with a quilt.

There are two styles of quilts that I can create. A rag quilt ($5/square) and traditional style quilt ($12/square).

The rag quilt is the most popular style. It used the front and the back of the t-shirt with a flannel contrast color in between. The edges of each square are exposed to create a ruffle “rag” throughout the quilt.

The traditional style quilts have a frame of cotton fabric around each artwork and are quilted with a batting and a solid backing.

Estimated number of shirts needed*:

  • Pillow: 1-2 shirts
  • Thow: 15-20 shirts
  • Queen: 20-30 shirts
  • King: 40-50 shirts

*The number needed will vary based on the size of the artwork/designs. Some shirts may not be able to be used if their artwork is too disproportionate.