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July 2024

How to Select a Moving Company for Your Business

commercial moving

Relocating your business requires meticulous planning. Selecting a moving date that won’t disrupt your business operations and giving employees adequate time to prepare is important.

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Large Items

Whether you own a business with many large items like photocopiers, vending machines, or heavy machinery or have a few oversized possessions such as a washing machine and dryer or a storage shed, relocating these bulky items can be daunting. They can easily damage floors, doors, and walls of the new place and can be extremely hard on the backs of those trying to move them.

The most important thing to do when moving these large items is to plan ahead. If you wait until the last minute to try and figure out how to handle them, it can lead to hiccups during the process that could end in broken items, injuries or even lawsuits.

Make sure to take inventory of all the equipment and machinery that will need to be moved, as well as fixtures, fittings and furniture. If your building has a map, it would be best to mark the locations of all these items on that before the move to help you remember where they are when it comes time to unload them. Conduct several rounds of this assessment before the moving process starts so nothing is forgotten about or left behind.

Getting all the necessary supplies before you start is also a good idea. Having the right equipment can help to make the task much easier and less dangerous. Dollies, for example, are great for transporting heavier objects without exerting too much effort. There are two types of dollies to choose from, a utility dolly that has an upright frame with only two wheels and a small carry panel or a furniture dolly that is flat and four-wheeled for bigger, bulkier items.

Other supplies that will come in handy during this phase are cinch straps, large rubber bands and plastic covers for furniture and mattresses. The cinch straps help to keep cords, hoses and wires together so they don’t become tangled during the relocation process. The bands can be used to wrap around the edges of a blanket and the furniture or mattress bag to keep it secure and in place. The plastic covers prevent scuffs and scratches on the furniture while it’s being relocated.

Sensitive Items

While residential movers are adept at moving things like televisions, personal computers and appliances, office moves require the transport of more sensitive items. Businesses have a lot of internal and employee documents and financial records that need to be carefully transported, as well as computer servers that store valuable information. There are also privacy laws in place that need to be respected during the relocation process.

Having the right equipment and materials is essential for shipping these sensitive items. The movers should use sturdy boxes and crates to protect the contents from damage and be clearly labeled. They should also be temperature-controlled to ensure that the goods remain at a consistent temperature throughout the shipment process. This will prevent the goods from being exposed to extreme temperatures that can cause damage.

Another essential item is bubble wrap and other cushioning material to protect the sensitive contents of the boxes. The movers should also keep a log of the items packed, which should include information on the condition of each box and where it was located. This will help the movers track each package and determine if any items are damaged in transit.

Finally, the movers should make sure to have the proper paperwork to ship the goods. They should purchase adequate insurance that covers the value of the items and any loss or damage that occurs during the shipment process. They should also provide a backup plan in case of any unpredictable events that may affect the shipment. This is especially important for interstate moves, as they will be crossing state lines.

Some companies will charge an extra fee to handle specialty items, such as pool tables or safes. Those fees will need to be paid in advance and are often non-refundable. They are designed to cover the additional cost of labor, fuel and any special packaging materials that may be required. It is essential for any company that wishes to move these items to work with a reputable moving service that can handle the extra workload and risks associated with handling those specialty items.


When you’re considering a commercial mover, it’s important to make sure that they are fully insured. A reputable commercial moving company will be happy to provide references and proof of insurance upon request. They will also be able to explain the limits, exposure bases, and business classifications that are relevant to your commercial policy. A quality commercial moving company should also be able to help you review your liability coverage needs. Lastly, it’s also important to determine how the move will affect utilities. You want to select a date that won’t have a major impact on your daily operations. This will help reduce the risk of a financial loss due to unplanned interruptions.

Commercial moving is a complex process that requires the assistance of a professional. A seasoned commercial mover will be able to provide you with the services you need at an affordable rate.


The equipment that needs to be moved during a commercial move is much more extensive than what you would find in a household. For example, offices typically have many large items like furniture, vending machines and photocopiers that need to be relocated during the move. Additionally, there may be electronic equipment, including computers, printers, scanners and fax machines that are used for daily business operations.

This equipment requires specialized handling and transport. A commercial moving company has the expertise and equipment to move these items safely and securely. They are also knowledgeable about how to handle and transport crates and other containers that may be used to hold the equipment during the move.

In addition to having the right equipment, a commercial moving company also needs to have the proper tools and supplies to carry items to and from the truck. This includes tools like a moving dolly or hand truck. These devices are designed to make carrying heavy items easier and safer. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different needs. For example, large items like refrigerators can be carried on four-wheel furniture dollies that are wider and more stable than regular hand trucks.

Another important item to consider when moving a business is a set of binders or folders to hold and organize paperwork, documents and other items. This can help make the process more efficient and organized. It will also reduce the chance of loss or damage during the move.

Lastly, it is critical to have an inventory of all the equipment that will need to be relocated during the move. This will ensure that all the essential items are not left behind or forgotten. It will also help the movers determine what type of packing materials are needed to properly protect and secure the items.

Once the inventory is completed, the movers can start planning and executing the moving process. They can offer a number of different services to accommodate your business’s needs, from basic transportation to partial or full service packing and assembly.